Long time no talk…

Dear Seenies–

Hey there.  How’s it going?  It’s been a while, eh?  Too long, actually.  Where did we go?  Where are the updates?  Why does the site look the same as it has since the start of the year?

All great questions.

Let me start by briefly sharing that Shane Helm, co-founder and lead designer, welcomed another beautiful child into the world earlier this year.  Thanh Nguyen, co-founder, CTO and lead architect got engaged to his sweetheart.  With these big life changes came a re-prioritization, and our friends have moved in a direction that doesn’t involve SeenTh.at.  I would like to thank them both publicly for their hard work on SeenTh.at, and for their ongoing friendships.  We’ve been through a lot and have grown close over the past two years.  Congrats to you both on the exciting times you have ahead with your families, you will be missed.

So what does that mean for SeenTh.at?  Well, we’re still here.  The site is functioning as it should (limited as the features may be), and the community is growing on the same trajectory it has been for the last year.  Having said that, we no longer have any development resources and thus have no way to update the site as we had hoped and planned.  It pains me to reveal that to you, dear Seenies, because I know how badly you’ve longed for custom lists, a mobile app, and all the other tools we’ve talked about for the last two years.  In fact, this all happened more than two months ago, but I just haven’t had the heart to say anything publicly.

I want you each to know that I’m still hoping for the best, as improbably as it may be.  I’ll do everything I can to personally make sure the SeenTh.at experience doesn’t regress in any way.  Hell, maybe we just need to make this a crowdsourced solution and we can pull together to make incremental updates to the site.  I don’t know.  I’m honestly at a loss for what else to say.

Feel free to email me directly at jp@seenth.at if you have ideas or maybe want to chew me out, or leave a comment below.

This isn’t the end…


You are not alone!

Growing up, my family and I moved around quite a bit.  I’ve lived in 4 different states and went to 5 different schools before graduating high school.  Every time I arrived in a new place, I was excited about all of the new experiences I was about to have.  There was a possibility that everything in this new place would be better than it was where I came from.  Maybe the local mall was bigger or newer.  Maybe my house was closer to a basketball court.  Maybe the local movie theater had a better arcade.  Sometimes my hopes were true, and I had essentially “upgraded.”  But regardless of whether or not that was true, I’d inevitably end up with a sense that something was off; things were somehow incomplete. Continue reading →

Social pages and more!

If you haven’t read this post yet, you should.  Otherwise, let me explain our latest update in more detail!

Ability to share Chatter via Twitter (Facebook and Google+ coming soon)

First, head over to your SeenTh.at “Settings” page.  As you can see, there’s now a pretty little “Connect to Twitter” button.  Facebook and Google+ integration will follow soon.

Click it and you’ll be asked by Twitter to authorize SeenTh.at.  Do so, and you’ll now have the ability to share your Chatter posts with your Twitter followers.  Here’s how that works. Continue reading →

Edit/Delete Now Live!

Ok Seenies, we’ve released another significant improvement this last weekend: you can now edit or delete posts you’ve shared on SeenTh.at.  Let us quickly show you how. Continue reading →

Chatter/Lists 2.0

Dearest Seenies,

Happy Friday (at least here in the US)!  It’s a pretty big day around the world as the 2012 Summer Olympics have kicked off in London.  Thanks to our friends in the UK as you host the world for a short while.

This year’s games are sure to provide an exciting couple of weeks, and here at SeenTh.at we’re planning on providing some excitement of our own.  Since we launched our BETA, we’ve been listening to your feedback and have some exciting updates coming over the next month or so, the first of which went live today.  We’re calling it “Chatter/Lists 2.0,” and we think you’ll be happy about it.

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Shane, Thanh & John’s Excellent Adventure

Won’t You Tell Us What You Think?

Wow, you blink an eye and three months go by.  Can you believe we’re almost half way through 2012?  Not only that, but we’re a little over 2 months into our closed BETA.  Let’s take a brief look at the past few weeks and see what’s happened:

March 19th, 2012 – SeenTh.at launches closed BETA to #VIP200
March 22nd, 2012 – BetaLi.st publishes interview with yours truly
March 23rd, 2012 – Round 2 of 400 BETA invites hit email inboxes #VIP600
March 24th – 2012 – Auto-complete in Chatter forms is now functional
March 28th, 2012 – You can now sort lists by alpha or release year

April 11th, 2012 – Connections and user search are now live
April 27th, 2012 – Commenting feature is now live in Chatter
April 28th, 2012 – Round 3 of 400 BETA invites hit email inboxes #VIP1000
April 29th, 2012 – Round 4 of 600 BETA invites hit email inboxes #VIP1400
April 29th, 2012 – Infinite scrolling is live in Chatter

May 3rd, 2012 – Round 5 of 600 BETA invites hit email inboxes #VIP2000
May 5th, 2012 – Cast/Crew search is now live on SeenTh.at
May 13th, 2012 – Round 6 of 500 BETA invites hit email inboxes #VIP2500
May 13th, 2012 – Ratings are now live on SeenTh.at
May 15th, 2012 – Review Chatter has direct link to full review. Review Chatter also now shows up in corresponding movie’s Chatter
May 18th, 2012 – JP becomes SeenTh.at’s first full-time employee
May 25th, 2012 – Comment notifications are now live
May 26th, 2012 – Infinite scrolling is live on notifications page Continue reading →

The Future of “Ratings”

"Ratings? Where we're going, we don't need ratings (but we'll have them anyway)."

Let’s be honest.  What’s in a rating?  What does “8″ really mean?  Is a movie rated 8 (or 80%, or 4 stars) really better than a movie rated at 6 (or 60%, or 3 stars)?  Really think about it.  What’s in a rating? Continue reading →

Everybody Gather Around

Ok guys.  Let’s huddle up.  Feel free to take a knee.

Some of you have been following us longer than others.  A lot of you recently joined the group after reading about us on Mashable.  Regardless, you’re all ready for something that’s eluded us all for months now:

The SeenTh.at Launch
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Dear “Seenies,”

Hey there…it’s been a while. Sorry if it seems like we’ve been a bit absent lately. We never meant to make you feel neglected…quite the opposite, in fact. We love you. We love your excitement and your enthusiasm. One of our favorite things to do lately is “eaves drop” on Twitter conversations you’re all having about our project. The sentiment is overwhelmingly positive and that makes us feel terrible. Continue reading →